Vancouver Institute Contacts

The Institute

The Vancouver Institute staff may be contacted at this address:

The Vancouver Institute
c/o Green College
6201 Cecil Green Park Road
Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1Z1


(Please note that the email link above was updated December 2014.)

Various officers of the Institute are generally present at the lectures.

The Webmaster

Reports of problems with the web site, and suggestions for additional information to be posted there, may be emailed to Ted Powell.

This address is NOT for suggestions related to so-called "search engine optimization" from any source.

More generally, please note:

  1. This address is not intended as a general point of contact for the Institute. Under "The Institute" above I have provided an email address, a phone number, and a street/postal address, and noted that "Various officers of the Institute are generally present at the lectures." This is the only contact information that I consider myself at liberty to provide. Although I might occasionally pass on people's concerns to officers of the Institute, I have not volunteered to be an ombudsman.
  2. I am not privy to contact information for current or past speakers.
  3. I cannot predict whether upcoming speakers will be available for interviews.
  4. I cannot predict whether a transcript of a particular talk will be made available by the Institute, except to note that it is a rare occurrence.
  5. I cannot predict whether the Institute and/or a particular speaker will consent to third-party taping of a lecture. All lectures are audiotaped by the Institute, and some (check here) are also videotaped. These tapes are held by the Special Collections Division of the UBC Library.
  6. I do not handle suggestions for speakers to be invited.
  7. I generally cannot predict when I will receive next season's program from the Program Chair.
  8. I do not handle advertising.
  9. I have no idea whether the Institute has merchant accounts with any credit card companies, let alone whether any such accounts might be authorized for telephone transactions.
  10. I have no involvement with any mailing list(s) maintained by the Institute.
  11. I have no idea what topics the speaker may cover, beyond what a reasonable person might surmise from the lecture title and the speaker bio.

Many of these issues can, however, be resolved by contacting the Institute staff, using the information given at the top of this page.

P.S.: It may be that some webmasters are mind readers; I am not. Also, there are times when my mind is not operating at top efficiency, and I may misinterpret a page description which seems perfectly clear to you. If you are writing about a page or pages on this site, or are referring to some other website, please give specific web addresses, e.g.