Dr. Sam Ting Lecture

Dr. Sam Ting
Nobel Laureate in Physics
Department of Physics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

will be addressing the Vancouver Institute on November 20 at 8:15 p.m. in Lecture Hall No. 2 in the Woodward Instructional Resources Centre, University of British Columbia.

The Search For Antimatter in Space

One of the most exciting physicists active today, Dr. Ting was raised in mainland China and Taiwan and, at the age of 20, emigrated to the U.S. He received his doctorate from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Dr. Ting won the Nobel prize for the discovery of the charmed quark, one of Nature's basic building blocks. He is the leader of the largest experiment -- involving an international team of about 500 physicists -- at CERN, the European laboratory for particle physics in Geneva, Switzerland. He is also the leader of a novel experiment which placed a large magnet in orbit around the earth. This experiment has just produced its first results in the search for anti-matter and other particles beyond the earth's atmosphere.

Fall Program 1999
Sep 25, Oct 2, Oct 16, Oct 23, Oct 30, Nov 6, Nov 13, Nov 20, Nov 27, Dec 4.

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